Monday, June 17, 2013

The 9 Arches

 This could be one of the Troop Trains that we all used to shout " Any Gum Chum " and the troops used to throw all sorts out the train windows

Crossing over the " 9 Arches " this was every Gibby kid's play ground, a short cut to " The Port " which we all took, and believe it or not, walked along the top of the wall each side of the tracks, absolutely mad, when I think back,


  1. I know Billy we never thought anything about walking over it .it was pulled down 1970.I have never been down there since then. love having awe look at what you are doing its great.

  2. My sister had a wee experience up the nine arches. She must have been maybe 11 or 12 years old. She had a bunch of smaller kids with her, including my brother. An old man wanted to give the wee girls money to go for sweeties, leaving the boys alone with him. My sister, always canny, got them all together and they took off like the hammers of hell. It was a big deal when they got home. Every mum and dad were in our house at 14 Poplar Street, along with the police. Oh, the excitement! My sister was the heroine of the day. Funny, though, how we wandered the hills on our own and didn't encounter those problems a lot more. The perverts must have been a lazy bunch back then.

    1. I was too young to understand, but the video I have put on here " Man in the White Raincoat " showed a flasher, caught under our house at 20 Poplar St., but we were never afraid of meeting dirty old men, was never told about them, never heard of them, and I was never out of those hills behind Poplar St.