Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing initials at Smillie Street Shops

We had no TV, Radio's so when we finished school, it was a quick bread & jam and out till dark, our parents never bothered or worried, there was no need, we were always in a group, Lads & Lassies, one of our favorite games was Initials, every one stood with backs against the shop windows of the Smillie Street Shops, and 6 big paces out was the caller, he would shout, R R...every one had to guess what film star that was, like Roy Rogers, if it was correct everyone chased the caller over to the wall of 3 Smillie St and back, who ever caught the caller then he or she took his or her place, I remember one night, and honestly it wasn't me, but the caller called J,A...every one guessed and failed, , so the caller would ask, " One step out for a hint ", if all agreed the caller would to a step further away from you, making it hard to catch him, " It's a Cowboy " every one guessed, nothing, another step " Is he a Goody or Baddy " we asked, " He's a Goody, another step, " Has he got a Black Hat or a White Hat ", ... "He's wears a White Hat "..... every one failed...." Who is it, we give up " ...It's Gene Autry

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