Sunday, June 16, 2013

Earning my pocket money

At this time in the early 40's I would be getting so excited, because I knew, shortly money would be jingling in my pocket, the first week of the New Year, starting from my mothers in Irwin St, Keir Hardie St, Smillie St & Landsbury, a knock at the door " Have you any empty beer bottles missus " you had to be quick before they were thrown in the midden

Every pub in Greenock & the Port, had their own Rubber Stamp, which was stamped on their bottles, and they would not accept any other bottle, even if it was from the same brewery, so a sort out was made before I loaded the empty's were loaded into my bogey, down the Gibshill brae and get my 1d or 2d..what ever the bottle, back home reload and away again,

My circle didn't go to far as other lads were earning their pocket money , but even back then, I didn't move into their wee patch, nor they mine, not because of fear, respect, we knew we were getting pocket money, and sometimes mother or neighbours had visitors way down in Greenock, their beer bottles were from pubs miles from the Gibby, but no pub was too far away to earn 1d or 2d.

I pulled that Bogey all over Greenock, the first week of the new year.

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