Monday, June 17, 2013

Bob Gourley..Bookies Runner

Bob Gourley..Bookies Runner
In the 1950's gambling was illegal, but if you wanted a bet, there was a lot of Bookies Runners, who dodged the police, and you could give him your bet, these runners had their own pitch, so you knew where to find them, we had one at Mitchell's the plumbers his name was Bob Gourley, Bob took bet's, was a money lender, 2/6 in the £1 he charged
Now Bob told the story the the police in Greenock couldn't catch him red handed, enough to charge him, so the Chief Inspector of the police, put PC Jones on the carpet and told him, " Jones you have been on this police force for 6 years now and haven't made one arrest, so go home now, and change into civvies, got to the corner of West Stewart St & Westburn St, you will see Bob Gourley taking betting slips, go up to him and put 2/6 each way on a horse, as soon as he takes your bet Nick him " well PC Jones went home and changed into civvies and went to see Bob

Bob as usual was standing on his pitch, with the look-outs placed up & down Westburn St, Jones approached " I want 2/6 each way on the Favorite, 2:30 at Ripon " Bob told him " I don't know what you mean mate " I don't take bets it's illegal , and by the way, your a policeman, you should know better ", " How the hell did you know I was a policeman " asked Jones, " I could tell by your helmet " said Bob

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