Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Sisters Tanned Legs

Sisters Tanned Legs

We moved to Irwin St. from Poplar St, when I was 9/10 years old, new area, new friends to meet, and new school, Craigeknowes....I had 2 older sisters, Ray, would have been 17 yrs, and Jessie a few years older, now people used to ask, being the only boy if I was spoiled, they couldn't be further from the truth, I had many a slap from both of them, they made it my job to hunt for Sand-Stone at the big Quarry beside the Co-oP, it was a large Quarry, went from the entrance at the Co-op and nearly finished at the Timbers, plus there was no Football Park then, there was a small path on the right hand side that took us to the Lady Octavia Park, and up to the racers, ( Railway-line )
I had to dig and hunt for the Sand-Stone, which took me hours finding the right type, take it home and crush it into a fine powder, when my two sisters were going out dancing or out on a date, I had to mix up a paste, and the sisters put it on their legs, there was no such thing as tights, only nylons, so this paste when dried on the legs it looked great
Now believe it or now I was quite a painter then, have had a few paintings displayed at the Art Gallery, down by the Esplanade, so sisters knew I had a steady hand, so one at a time they would stand on a chair, and had to draw a straight line from just above the back of their knees down to the ankle, I had to use, what I remember was an Indelible pencil, you had to put it in your mouth to wet it then on to their legs, this took ages Wet & Draw, Wet & Draw, this pencil line was water proof,

I had to keep a store of crushed sand stone so when my sisters decided they wanted to go out, I had to have the mixture ready, and believe me, if my 2 sisters had no pretend nylons, Yes !!! I got a cuff round the ear

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