Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let's play " Stations "

Late 40's early 50's
My two closest mates were Tommy Ferguson from 26 Poplar St. and Jim McEwan of 18 Mitchell was around then we discovered, that there was a lot more to lassies than skipping ropes and peever, none of us had a girl-friend, we were three virgins, and hormones were galloping within us
The lads thought up a brilliant game that was called " Stations ", we approached my mother to see if we could have a party at our house, the only drink we were interested was Irn-Bru & Dandelion & Burdock, my mother made her Fairy Cakes, and Sandwiches, we laughed and joked, and took turns in winding up the Gram-a-phone, dancing and jiving to all the latest., my favourite was Earl Bostic and his Sax... Deep Purple...Brilliant
Mother and father went to bed so Tommy, Jim & I ran through the rules of " Stations " which were all the lads sat in a comfy chair, there was 7 lads & 6 lassies, we had it all worked out, one of the lads called the Station Master, had to go into the Scullery ( Kitchen ), all the lads being seated nice and cozy, a girl had to sit on his lap, now as it was my house I had one of the arm chairs, Tommy had the other armchair and Jim the end part of the settee, now the "Station Master" would turn off the lights, we all had a kiss and cuddle, three, four or five minutes later the " Station Maste " would call " All Change, move 3 to the right " or 4 back it changed every time, he couldn't see as he was only allowed to open his door slightly so we could hear him, the only problem was the Kitchen light switch was at the lobby Hallway ) door, so had to ask mothers permission to stand in the Lobby, we couldn't let her know what we were up to, so away we went again, every 20 minutes or so we changed " Station Masters ", this was fine till it was my turn, and standing out in that Lobby while all my mates were kissing & cuddling inside was not on, the rules were quickly changed for the next " Stations " equal number of lads & lassies, so this enabled the " Station Master " to have a lassie in the lobby
This was a great game for us lads, a kiss & cuddle with 6 or 7 different lasses, in some cases, the lads sitting down, had to hide their embarrassing situation and try to adjust their selves before the next girl sat on their lap, to make matters even more uncumfy, we would point, " Whit's That "

Back then, we were not as street wise as the lads & lassies are today, the nearest we got to seeing a pair of Titties, was if someone got hold of a book called " The Health & Efficiency Book " which was very seldom, we saw naked ladies then, not being funny but in the late 40's all the girls were flat chested, I remember one girl, her name was Nan Naples, came from Morton Terrace, she spoke posh, and I don't know to this day why or how she joining our Gibby Gang, but one day I noticed a Bra Strap, OMG..if she wears a Bra she must have something to put in them, Now my mind went to a plan for a game of " Stations ", but I could never get the two together, either Nan wasn't there or mother said I tried my Billy Sinclair approach " Nan..Will you be my girl-friend "..." Get Lost "

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