Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Gibby folk called it Peever

1940's & 1950's

Some called it Hop-Scotch

Up the Gibby we called it PEEVER

I drew the above Peever bed we used to use, you needed a good Peever that would slide across the bed, usually it was a piece of marble if you could get it, or even an old black polish tin filled with earth or what ever, as long as it was heavy, the idea was to slide your Peever into number 1, then hopping on one leg, you had to go to Number 11 and back, knocking the Peever out with your foot with-out touching a line with your foot, or the Peever, I wrote at the side of my sketch " Rest " because who-ever was playing could nominate a square to which you were allow to put both feet on the floor, some would nominate number 11, some 5 or 6, it was the players choice, lot's didn't have a rest at all, pushing the Peever from the start to the number you required, say No.11 it was a skill, if you landed on a line you missed your turn, there was nothing better on a summer's night, there were Peever Beds all over the Gibby, every street had a bed, and Mothers used to come out and join in, YES !!!! Boy's played it too, we didn't think it was sissy, so between, Hand-stands, Leap-frog, and Peever, I would say we were all pretty fit " Up The Gibby "

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