Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lanliq Wine

Isa Baxter & Mother
Davy Baxter & Father

1940's & 1950 & Lanliq Wine

This wine was the cause of many a Broken Home, Domestic Violence, Police arrests, Health Problems, " I'll fight the best man in the house " attitude, did all this put us off...the answer is NO

Pubs in Greenock were Lock-Ups, and when they said 9:00pm closing, it meant the doors were locked at 9:00pm, so last orders were around 8:30pm, if you still had a drink on the table at 8:45pm it was cleared by bar-staff, no arguments,
Workers who finished at 5:00 pm, didn't have time to go home shower and change, as you do today, you headed to your favourite pub and joined the queue, Yes !! Queue, most pubs had a queue, and when you got in the counter was laden with approx 50 
Dark & 50 Clear Lanliq wines, you learned your lesson, correct money, so you didn't have to wait, just lifted your wine and handed over the money
at the age of 16 years old, and desperate to grow up fast, my two mates Jim McEwan Mitchell St & Tommy Ferguson, Poplar St, thought we were safe when we picked a pub our parents never used " The Black Cat ", the pub was known for under age drinkers, " 3 Lager & Limes, and 3 clear Napoleon Brandies ( Lanliq ) landlord "...." How old are you three "..." 18 mister, ask him "

We were dressed to the kill, drain pipe trousers, jacket 3 inches below finger tips, patch pockets, roll collar, Swede shoes, OH !! and the shirt had a Billy Erkstine collar, hair...Tony Curtis quiff & DA ( Ducks Arse ) at the back, the lassies at the Palladium were going to get a treat tonight, half-bottle to take away, as the lads were searched by the bouncers, we had lassies to take it in their hand bags, there was no bar in any of the dance hall then, filled with Lager & Lime & Lanliq, 9 times out of 10 we were sick
Lanliq was also responsible for many a great party at the Sinclair's, my fathers best mate Davy Baxter from Bell St, and Hughie O'Brian from the Strone, in all the years, and I mean every Saturday night, some times Friday as well, I never saw one fight or even an argument at our house

Someone in office decided to ban Lanliq Wine in Greenock, and reduced the selling of it to about 6 pubs, then the police, had a quiet word to each land lord,if police were called or a disturbance at their pub, their license would not be renewed, finally all stopped, but they still sold it in Corby which was a Greenock over-spill, but even they stopped it

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