Monday, July 1, 2013

Sex & Religion

Late 1940's & Early 50's

Everyone seemed to be obsessed with religion and sex


When we went dancing, the girl could be the most beautiful girl on the floor, but you had to ask " 
What school did you go to ", if it began with Saint, she was a Catholic, so you gave her a miss, and carried on looking, if she said " The Finnart ".she was too posh, High School, we were in with a small chance, High School Girls didn't mix too well with us, when they found out we came from Gibshill, we were too rough for them, once we sorted out five or six "Maybe's " hen came the next question " Where do you live ", remember there were no taxi's and we had no money even if here had been taxi's, only the dance hall buses, Strone..Out, Rainbow Valley ...out Gourock..out, you had to find a girl who lived within a walking distance of Gibshill.....this was hard, by the time you found a possibility the dance was over, Catholics & Protestants didnt mix too well, I was in the Flute Band down at " The Glen " Port Glasgow, who found great joy to stand out-side " Phenion ( Catholic ) Alley and play as loud as they could, this caused a lot of unrest, Phenion Alley was directly across wrom the Coronation Park
My Mother & Father were bitterly disappointed one day there was a knock at the door and it was a Priest asking for me, he said that St. Columbus football team ( Not the school team ) were desperate for a good goalkeeper and would I be interested, well...I like football a lot more than I like religion, so I signed for them, my mother refused to wash my Shirt & Socks because they were green, she told me " If you think for one minute my lad, that Green is going to hang out on my washing line, you have another think about it ", I played with St. Colmbus for two seasons


One word I hated then and still do is the word " Hump ", I can just hear the conversation now, " Hey Billy are you still going with that wee burd ( Lass ) from Weir St " " Aye " " Have you Humped her yet " " Whit !!!!! I've only been going with her for 7 months ", " Well " he said, " Jimmy Watson from the Strone, told me he Humped her, after a month, and he's a Catholic " when I saw Jeanie that night, I gently ask her " Is it true Jimmy Watson Humped you, him being a Catholic an all " " Whit !! Naw it's not true, I'm a Virgin, ask ma Mammy if you don't believe me " if I would

The word Hump was commonly used, and everyone was possessed by the word, " How long have you been going with Rose then " " about 3 month now " then....."Have you Humped her yet "

I've hated that word which all of us used up the Gibby, never like it then, and I don't like it now, BUT !!! it still amuses me when my USA facebook friends send me their yearly " Happy Hump Day ", if only they knew

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  1. The one word I detested too, Billy. It was nasty and coarse, Even though they were others I remember, that one was the worst!