Monday, July 22, 2013

The Last Dance

1940's & 1950's

The Last Dance....

You either loved this or hated it, 1st. it was the start of many a friendship and marriage, 2nd. it was the start of a few fights out-side, dance hall's played with our sexual hormones back then, they would have an hour where it was ladies choice to ask the men ( Boys ) to dance, if you were not asked it was a huge blow to your ego, also just over half way through the night we had a dance they called the " Blues "..." Ladies & Gentlemen take your partners for the Blues ", now from the start, and after being picked on the " Ladies Excuse Me's ", and after many questions, you had picked in your mind, who wasn't a Catholic ( Mothers Warning ), she lived in the same direction as you, the " Blues " lasted over 10 minutes, with the lights out, just the stage was lit, you tried to get off the floor before the lights went up, the kisses & cuddles & fumbles, left you somewhat embarrass to walk off the floor

During the course of the night, and some beautiful girl you were dancing with you asked " Would you like to go out side ", everyone knew what you were after, so the answers were " Get Lost " " Are you kidding " "No " " Don't think so " or " Just for a minute then "
By the time it got to the famous " Ladies take your partner for the last lance ", now.... by this time you were sorted, hopefully, the last dance lasted around 15 slow minutes, in the darkened room, with the girl of your dreams, your hands round her waist, her hands round your neck, your heart thumped, all sorts went through your mind, the best bit was, it seldom came to anything, it was all in our head, in our minds we were studs, we all had our favourite dance halls, mine was the " Shepherds Hall " corner of Bank St, & Regent St., the other was " The Centre " out at Barrs Cottage, where the Famous " The Memphys " band played, and their Sax player could play just like Earl Bostic, 

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  1. Very evocatively written. Lovely memories.