Friday, December 6, 2013

Steam Train at Poplar St.

I live in a little village on the North Norfolk Coast, and we are so lucky to have a Steam Train service, now the age of steam was a huge part of my life in Gibshill, Greenock, I can stand on the foot bridge of our local station, and close my eyes, listening to our old engine pulling 6/7 carriages of holiday makers up from Sheringham, and immediately I'm back up Gibshill, Greenock, " The Yanks are Coming " alerting everyone, to get ready for the Dimes, Dollars, Life-savors, and wriggles chewing gum, I've explained the task further down my blog

But sadly, when our old engine blows the whistle, I think of the people who were killed behind Poplar St. the Express, as it was coming downhill, used to blow the whistle, one long blow from the 9 Arches, and kept blowing it, all the way round the sharp bend to Poplar St....Now if the express came at the same time as a troop train was chugging up the line, people were so engrossed on catching favor's thrown out by the troops, never heard the whistle......Once again a local sound today, takes me back to 1940's

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  1. I also loved the steam trains. As a child in the early 50's through to early 60's I used to love to wave to the driver & passengers as the trains went past our house. Sometimes I was lucky & the driver would sound the whistle as well as wave. I can be taken right back to those times by the smell of steam power.