Friday, December 6, 2013

Barrage Balloons

Cindy & I were driving along to A17 on Sunday morning and there was a Air-Balloon Race, I was so taken back, I pulled into a lay by and explained to Cindy that in the 1940's the whole of the " Tail O' the Bank " were dozens & dozens of Barrage balloons, anchored with a thick metal rope and all at different heights, the troop sips anchored at the " Tail O' the Bank " were targets, all these Barrage Balloons hampered the bombing aircraft, they couldn't fly under, because of the ropes, I used to stand or look out my window of 20 Poplar St. Gibshill, Greenock. and wonder at these Balloons, they looked so big, what a sight, never to be seen again, one air-balloon race on a Sunday morning 2012 could take me back so clearly to 1940's

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