Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Kleek

The Kleek

A lot of stories have been said about the Kleek, some say rich boy's toy, didn't come from the Gibby, cost a lot of money, all rubbish, these were made by people who worked in ship-yards, and we had many of them in Greenock back then

I know when I started in Mitchell's Plumbers in 1950, we learned how to make Kleeks by journeymen, how to bend the rod & weld, was so easy, we also had to make 2 Pokers from 1/4 " square rod twist it, screw one end and put different nuts on it and buff, everyone had coal fires, so everyone needed a " Poker " so it was down to us Apprentices to make Kleeks & Pokes to order from all the work force

The Kleek took a bit of getting used to, the balance, the steering, the speed, so it's was the Gird we all took to, easier to pick up and go


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