Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Gird

The Gird

We all loved our " Gird ", we ran for miles hitting it with our stick, steering it with our stick, we ran all over the Gibby, up-hill, down-hill, 3,4,5 of us even went to the Coronation Park up the Port, to play in the swing Park, even down to the Battery Park to the Swimming Pool, we didn't need buses, mother didn't have the money for bus fares anyway

Many a time mother would tell me " They have run out of bread, go over to Thomas Muir Street shops, and see if they have any ", no problem, out came my Gird and off I ran

Some lads, but very few, when they got a bicycle wheel, would leave the tyre and inner tube on, and the spokes, but they found it to hard to steer and run with it, so off came the tyre & spokes, this must have kept us a lot fitter than we realized, but we didn't run with our gird to keep fit, that was the last thing on our mind, we ran because we loved our Gird

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