Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Accumulator

2 Volt accumulator used in wireless sets for the heaters of the valves. It was normally given to the local garage, hardware merchant, or cycle shop for recharging. They would give you your spare unit while this was being done.

I mentioned earlier on in my Blog, that we had no TV, and the wireless and the gramophone were our only music based listening , the accumulator was such a vital part in our lives, just about everyone had two, one in use, and one on standby, so it was an unwritten law, that as soon as one went flat, and your wireless stopped, as soon as the change over went, the flat accumulator was sent to be recharged, I cant remember how much it was, but there was an old man who had a " Scrap Dealers " below Boston station bridge, in Greenock, who used to do them cheaper than the shops in town, so it was my job to carry the accumulator, leave it over night, and collect next day, most Gibshill folk used him

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